Tips for selling your motorbike

Getting a suitable seller for your motorbike might be challenging since it is second-hand. Many people have reservations when it comes to purchasing the second-hand bikes. When selling your motorbike, you will need to find a suitable buyer who will buy it at the perfect price. You should act cautiously primarily if you are selling your motorbike on hire purchase since some sellers might decide to default payment. Let us look at some of the tips when selling your motorbike;


Clean your bike


Since you have used your bike before, make sure that you get it cleaned. You need to repaint it, change the engine oil, change the wheels, and other parts that will likely affect the pricing. This is important since it will influence the pricing. If your used bike appears new, you can as well sell it at the price of a new bike. By cleaning your bike, you will give the potential buyers an ample time and therefore it will be easy to sell your bike.


One of the characteristics of money is that it is insatiable. As much as you may want as much as possible from the motorbike that you are selling you should be fair as far as its pricing is concerned. Look at the prevailing market rates and put the depreciation rate into focus when pricing your motorbike. The price tag that you attach on your motorbike will determine whether you inquire the purchase of your bike or you discourage the purchase. You can use the internet to check the prevailing market rates for the new and used motorbikes.

Condition of the bike

The condition of the bike is crucial when selling it. When we talk about the state of the motorcycle, we refer to the age, mileage, and the working of the bike. If your bike is in a deplorable condition, you might as well consider writing it off.

Advertise your bike


Never underestimate the power of advertisement when it comes to the selling of automobile. Potential buyers should know that you are selling your automobile the only way they can understand this is through advertisement. There are several platforms where you can advertise your bike whether in public or in private. You can also look at the message boards that advertise automobiles and place your ads there.




Pointing out the authentic auto diagnostic products from the fake

To get the best results, every technician must ensure that they have top quality diagnostic equipment in their toolbox. If your equipment relays unauthorized information, there are high chances it might not be authentic. This article provides a brief guide on how one can identify the Best Professional Automotive from pirated products. Software piracy has become a big challenge in today’s society. Technological theft has enabled some traders to clone and sell OE diagnostic equipment. This includes both software and hardware.

How do they do this

The physical module undergoes cloning that resembles the branded hardware. This is also done for the diagnosticcar 2 software. Most counterfeiters are people who are well versed in system hacking. After hacking into the software programs, they clone them and sell them online alongside the cloned software. Experienced technicians are smart enough to distinguish a correct diagnosis from a cloned one. The correct diagnosis depends on the ability of the specified hardware to make correct readings of your vehicle.

The increase in pirated software has forced some of the industry giants to start an aggressive anti-counterfeit campaign. The campaign partly focusses on educating technicians and garage owners on what is legit or not. The awareness also covers why pirated software can be bad for business.

Why is counterfeit software bad for business

The temptation of buying low priced units might seem cost-effective in the beginning. However, over time, the costs spiral up. The integrity of your vehicle’s systems can be compromised while undergoing diagnostic repair, especially when using the counterfeit software and hardware. The end result is more problems arising after you have undergone your checkup. In addition, this presents a major safety risk.

Technicians might be tempted to opt for the cloned software due to its competitive pricing. However, many remain unaware that this pirated hardware and software might end up damaging their warranty. The manufacturers will not host any counterfeit software license that they detect. Additionally, investigations will be conducted and action taken. There are strict software piracy laws that authorize the company to shut down any unauthorized license.

How to spot the difference

Poor quality logos are an indication that the product may not be authentic. Pay keen interest to its positioning too. Some diagnostic equipment can be distinguished by feeling. The original product has a better grip from a rubber laced surface. On the other hand, the clones usually comprise of cheap hard plastic exteriors. If you notice any of the features advertised on the devices are missing, then it is undoubtedly a fake. Authentic manufacturers have standardized their production processes to ensure that all products are similar in appearance and function.



You can check whether your product is genuine by examining the serial numbers. The genuine products have a certain number of digits or number pattern. Alternatively, all products have their pre-described factory weight when manufactured. If you find any unreasonable discrepancies, chances are this might be a copied version. When installing your software, it should not ask you to run another separate activation program. This might damage your computer.…

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All you need to know about Bluetooth car kits

Recently, the use of Bluetooth car kits has been increasingly gaining popularity. This is attributed to the perks that come with making phone calls and listening to music on your car stereo from your phone. Most cars, especially old models, need a Bluetooth car kit. Without this a kit from, your car’s stereo will not be able to stream or play the songs on your phone. That said, this article looks at Bluetooth car kits and the benefits of having one in a car.

A Bluetooth car kit


Bluetooth is a technology that entails the transfer of information or communication between smartphones and Bluetooth enabled devices. Bluetooth car kits facilitate communication between smartphones and car stereo systems in vehicles without the Bluetooth feature.

Benefits of a Bluetooth car kit

A Bluetooth car kit has numerous benefits. This explains why most recent and expensive car models have built-in Bluetooth features pre-installed on their dashboard. Here are a few reasons that justify the essence of having this gadget in your vehicle.

Helps you play by the rules

Many countries do not allow drivers to make or receive a call while driving. In case you are caught up doing this, you will be in for it. To avoid being at loggerheads with the local authorities, why then don’t you consider having a Bluetooth car kit installed in your car? This way, you will comfortably and safely make or receive calls and enjoy music from your smartphones as you drive without raising concerns.

Reduced number of accidents

dash radio Trying to manage your calls or select your favorite playlist while driving is bound to take away your concentration from driving to your mobile phone. This may cause distraction and the same time confusion, which often leads to unfortunate road incidents. If a handful of drivers managed their calls when driving every day, the number of accidents would increase proportionately.


A Bluetooth car kit also allows you to get entertained as you drive. Initially, the only way you could listen to music while driving was to play in on your stereo. On the other hand, cars will built-in Bluetooth technology only allowed for making and receiving calls. With the Bluetooth car kit, you can now listen to your favorite playlist while driving. Not just that, you can also play also control your smartphone using the stereo controls remotely.…


Advantages of hiring collision repair experts

Accidents are occurrences that happen and are never planned for at any given point. Being involved in an accident is pretty scary, and the situation can be worse in case you are not able to get back to the road due to financial constraints or other factors. It is therefore essential that you get a collision repair center with experts in advance so that you can avoid inconveniences after an accident. The professional collision repair experts will help you recover faster by ensuring that you get back to the road faster since the experts will be able to repair your car in time. There are several benefits that you will get by hiring professional collision repair services. Listed in this article are some of the benefits.

Quick services

By hiring collision repair services, you will be able to have your car fixed quickly, and you will be able to get tonvhytii normalcy. This is because the experts understand the various models of cars and know what can suit your car. The experts will ensure that your car is only fitted with the required parts and nothing short of that or more than the expectations.

Availability and very reliable

Similarly, by hiring professional collision repair experts, you will be able to get the repair services at any time of the day. These experts will ensure that once you seek for their help, you will be able to get it because they are committed to being reliable. The collision repair experts will ensure that they can offer towing services for your car because they operate 24/7 and will be highly reliable to their clients.

Use of original equipment

nvnnbmbmThe collision repair experts are professionals who hold high levels of professionalism. For this reason, these experts will ensure that the customers get the best services. The best services will be guaranteed by the use of original spare parts which will be used in fixing your car. Not hiring professional collision experts can expose your car to more risks because untrained car repair individuals do not have the expertise of doing the job.

Knowledgeable staff

Most collision repair companies employ experts who are trained to carry out repair services. It is for this reason that you will be able to have your car handled by experienced and highly skilled experts. After the car is fixed, you will experience minimal car malfunctions. On the other hand, the experts undergo a continuous upgrade of knowledge and so will ensure your car receives repairs that are of the latest technologies.…


5 top benefits of using curved LED light bars on your vehicle

Do you have a car and you always get amazed with the curved lighting systems of other vehicles, and you want yours to look the same? Do you also wonder what the advantages of these lights compared to the old halogenic lighting systems are? Worry no more because I’ve explained in details on the top-most benefits these systems bare and it’s also a solution to most car lighting problems that add an extra spark of beauty to your vehicle once fixed. Check out the 52 inch curved LED light bar that you cannot afford to miss at a lower cost. The top five benefits of these light bars are:

They provide aesthetic benefits002

They compliment your vehicle and give it an excellent front look. There are many light bar brands available that enable you to fix them at any position of your vehicle. You choose what fits your vehicle model, and you can trim it effectively if you have a newer model of your car or truck.

Better overall night vision

Unlike ordinary conventional lights, curved LED lights provide a comprehensive coverage and fans out more light giving drivers’ better night vision. This is enabled by the special structural design of these lighting bars. If you want the best driving experience at night, then it is important for you to purchase this lighting system and fix them on your vehicle.

3D reflectors

These lighting systems are designed with 3D reflectors as opposed to the run-of-the-mill light reflectors which capacitate them to produce quality light outputs. They improve the light extraction of the curved LED lighting bars hence providing intense and brighter illumination. It gives you a comfortable driving off-road.

They are covered with a sturdy casing

They are designed and housed by a very tough outer cover to protect its internal components against damage. The hard-cover is also famous for high dust and waterproof ratings. Curved LEDs make the best companion with 4WD vehicles because they are hardy and made to last long by the solid housing.

A safer alternative to other off-road lighting devices


Due to their ergonomic design, solid housing, and 3D reflectors, curved LEDs offer a better option to off-road vehicles than normal lights that are easily damaged and do not provide better night vision to drivers. Secondly, they dispense light out smoothly hence making them fit for off-road vehicles. They also have a mechanism of dimming light intensity instead of changing the lighting bulbs.…


Common clutch problems

Your vehicle could have some problems when it comes to engine parts and mechanisms. Individuals are more aware of brake problems but do not usually take some time to think whether there could be something wrong with the clutch. Below are some basic and common clutch problems:

Noisy clutch


A clutch that is noisy can be caused by a lot of factors that could potentially damage your vehicle and its parts. The most vital part to keep in mind is not to ride the clutch. This implies that your foot should not constantly be pressing the pedal. This can result in the possibility of a bad pilot bearing which would require replacement with immediate effect. You can figure out this problem if the clutch produces a high pitched sound.


Slipping clutch

A smooth and slight slip is okay when you change the gear of your vehicle. But when it turns out to be harsh or starts to slip automatically while the clutch is engaged, then the problem needs to be taken seriously by the owner of the vehicle. Your car’s clutch plate requires repair or replacement work immediately. Avoiding to address this issue can cost you a lot because of the damages to other adjacent parts like flywheel and pressure plate.

Dragging clutch

This problem can be detected if the pedal fails to release. This is a common clutch problem that could be as a result of many issues like air in the system, a small fraction of oil or fluid, or possibly the presence of a high level of oil and lubrication.

Short lasting clutch

This pedal is meant to last for a long time although it is one of the most utilized components. This is usually due to bad driving habits. Too much riding can result in your clutch having a shorter life hence needing a replacement.

Clutch fluid leak

Clutch fluid and brake fluid are usually taken in an interchangeable manner. If you realize that the brake fluid is leaking close to the clutch pedal, then you have to take this issue seriously. If this occurs, then you will experience difficulty in changing gears.

Clutch master/slave cylinder failure

gbhjbjhvhhjbjbjThe clutch fluid usually travels from the master cylinder to slave cylinder and hence transfers the action of the clutch pedal to the gearbox and clutch. When the clutch is in a depressed position, the fluid flows from the master to slave cylinder so as to create a smooth clutch operation. If there is any leakage to these cylinders, it can result in making gear shifting difficult.…


The benefits of leasing a car

Owning a car has become almost an essential part of our daily lives. However, the current challenging times when it comes to the economy have made things a lot tougher, hence raising the need for better solutions. One option that is becoming more and more popular is car leasing. Instead of buying a car outright, leasing the vehicle offers you much more benefits than buying the car outright. Below are some major benefits of leasing a car:

Lower monthly payments


Single monthly payments are usually cheaper when compared to accumulating the money to purchase the vehicle right away. This will require you to get a car loan which will inevitably have some added interest to pay. The monthly pay out that is fixed is usually manageable, and one can plan for it easily. Additionally, when you lease a vehicle, you are only required to pay for the difference between the buying price and the predicted value of the car at the completion of the lease which is also known as the residual value. This is a lot cheaper, and it provides you with the flexibility to afford a more expensive vehicle even on the same monthly budget. If you compare it to the vehicle loan payments, the total cost turns out to be much cheaper.


No to minimal deposit

Leasing a car does not require any deposit, or if it happens to have one, it is an extremely low deposit which in turn lowers the monthly pay outs. Even though a deposit is not a requirement, no deposit car leasing is an option that is open to everyone. It relieves you of the stressful process of saving up for the deposit and also assists you to acquire the vehicle a lot sooner.

Reclaim VAT

When a vehicle is leased for business purposes, one can actually reclaim 50% of the VAT deducted on your contract. This is a significant tax saving, and it is also a money-saving instrument.

No worry about depreciation

vhvgvgfcfxdxdfdfOne of the most expensive parts of motoring is the loss of the value of the car over time. This is the reason individuals look at residual value to calculate its worth at the time you would have the need to sell it. When you lease the vehicle, this risk is transferred to the finance company, and you no longer have to be worried about it. When leasing the car, you know precisely how much you are required to pay, and by the end of the contract, you just return the car.…


Setting the standards in railway photography from around the world

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