Pointing out the authentic auto diagnostic products from the fake


To get the best results, every technician must ensure that they have top quality diagnostic equipment in their toolbox. If your equipment relays unauthorized information, there are high chances it might not be authentic. This article provides a brief guide on how one can identify the Best Professional Automotive from pirated products. Software piracy has become a big challenge in today’s society. Technological theft has enabled some traders to clone and sell OE diagnostic equipment. This includes both software and hardware.

How do they do this

The physical module undergoes cloning that resembles the branded hardware. This is also done for the diagnosticcar 2 software. Most counterfeiters are people who are well versed in system hacking. After hacking into the software programs, they clone them and sell them online alongside the cloned software. Experienced technicians are smart enough to distinguish a correct diagnosis from a cloned one. The correct diagnosis depends on the ability of the specified hardware to make correct readings of your vehicle.

The increase in pirated software has forced some of the industry giants to start an aggressive anti-counterfeit campaign. The campaign partly focusses on educating technicians and garage owners on what is legit or not. The awareness also covers why pirated software can be bad for business.

Why is counterfeit software bad for business

The temptation of buying low priced units might seem cost-effective in the beginning. However, over time, the costs spiral up. The integrity of your vehicle’s systems can be compromised while undergoing diagnostic repair, especially when using the counterfeit software and hardware. The end result is more problems arising after you have undergone your checkup. In addition, this presents a major safety risk.

Technicians might be tempted to opt for the cloned software due to its competitive pricing. However, many remain unaware that this pirated hardware and software might end up damaging their warranty. The manufacturers will not host any counterfeit software license that they detect. Additionally, investigations will be conducted and action taken. There are strict software piracy laws that authorize the company to shut down any unauthorized license.

How to spot the difference

Poor quality logos are an indication that the product may not be authentic. Pay keen interest to its positioning too. Some diagnostic equipment can be distinguished by feeling. The original product has a better grip from a rubber laced surface. On the other hand, the clones usually comprise of cheap hard plastic exteriors. If you notice any of the features advertised on the devices are missing, then it is undoubtedly a fake. Authentic manufacturers have standardized their production processes to ensure that all products are similar in appearance and function.



You can check whether your product is genuine by examining the serial numbers. The genuine products have a certain number of digits or number pattern. Alternatively, all products have their pre-described factory weight when manufactured. If you find any unreasonable discrepancies, chances are this might be a copied version. When installing your software, it should not ask you to run another separate activation program. This might damage your computer.

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